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Realme, the smartphone brand in India entered the world of Television market by releasing its own “Realme” branded TV in May of 2020. Boasting an HDR 10 support with Ultra Fidelity and a powerful processor ( for a TV), How well does this TV perform? Is Realme now an ideal TV brand to consider when buying a TV under Rs.25,000? Let’s find out what the top reviewers say about the new Realme Smart Tv.


32-Inch variant Rs.12,999
43-Inch variant Rs.21,999
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I understand it can get a little tricky even for a reviewer to exactly explain how they feel a particular aspect of a gadget is. Top reviewers get to have their hands on a lot of products and they’ll have to explain how they feel about a particular aspect of a product through words. I study the emotion, enthusiasm, and use of strong words by a reviewer and convert that into a number system ranging from 0 to 10 with 10 being perfect and 0 being the opposite.
Realme Smart Tv
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Difference between 32-Inch and 43-inch variants

It is apparent that every reviewer on the internet seems to have their hands only on the top variant which is the 43-inch model. If your budget is less and if you’re considering the 32-inch variant, then the following are the only differences to note.

Realme Smart Tv
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  • The size difference of 32-inch display size going against 43-inch display size. ( obvious)
  • The 32-inch Realme Smart TV has an HD-ready (1366×768-pixel) screen whereas the 3-inch option has a full-HD (1920×1080-pixel) panel.

That’s about it, only two major differences to note and everything else remains the same. So, if you’re in for the larger variant, the extra money you pay goes to the Higher 1080p resolution construct and a larger display/body footprint.

Specification Review

Design language and appearance

  • The 43-Inch variant weighs around 6.6 Kg without the stand.
  • The body is made out of Black plastic.
  • Bezel-less design with bezels as thin as 8.7 mm on the top, left and right side of the body.
  • The bottom bezel is a little thicker and at the center, below the screen, there is a Realme logo, with a small module just below that for the IR receiver and status light.
  • There are two speaker sets that are near the corners that fire downwards essentially.
  • Standard VESA sockets to the back for wall hanging.
  • Standard stand socket at the bottom for standing the Television.
  • Three HDMI ports
  • a LAN port.
  • an antenna socket.
  • digital audio out RCA port.
  • a single 3.5mm AV connector.
  • a 3.5mm jack to connect wired headphones or speakers.
  • A minimalistic TV remote design.
Realme Smart Tv
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Overall, a usual looking modern design which we usually see in today’s generations of TV. Nothing new or extraordinary has been offered here while the slim 8 mm bezels might be the only standing out point in here for a TV at this price segment. Don’t take me wrong, the design looks really good and aesthetic but every other TV these days comes looking the same with similar aesthetics.

Realme Smart Tv
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Although the Realme Smart TV sports a basic usual look, the port selections are quite superior to any other TV’s that are offered at this price point. Also, the TV comes equipped with standard VESA sockets for wall-mounting and standard stand sockets to place the TV over the in-package provided TV stands.

Display Quality

  • Comes with a full-HD (1920×1080-pixel) on the 43-inch variant,
  • VA-type LED-LCD panel.
  • Comes with an HD-ready (1366×768-pixel) on the 32-inch variant.
  • LED display.
  • Realme boasts 400-nits peak brightness value.
  • 60Hz panel.
  • HDR-10 support.
  • Boasts Chroma boost technology for punchier colors.

Let’s see what the top reviewers who’ve had hands-on experience with the Realme TV have to say.

-Beebom “I think it’s a good looking display”Realme has done a good job with the display”the display looks bright and vibrant”9
-C4etech “the display looks sharp and has good color reproduction but the one thing that I noted is that the display seems to suffer a little uneven backlight that was noticeable at the edges of the display”8
-Trakintech(Hindi) “In my first impression, for the price segment, it looks nice especially when you view from front” side viewing angles are average, not the best”7
-MySmartPrice(Hindi) “Colors are good but viewing angles are not so great”8
-All others9
Average OTRS = 8.2
Realme Smart Tv
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An Ordinary Techie Scoring Rating of 8.2 denotes that the display falls under the Above average to good category. We should note here that we got quite a bit of mixed reviews related to the display especially the side viewing angle quality of the Realme Smart TV.

Some of the top reviewers like the ones from Beebom, C4etech, and few others seemed to like the display quality a lot. In fact, they liked the display quality to almost that level where I could have rated their corresponding OTRS scores to 10. They mentioned the side viewing angles are great as well.

But Arun from Trakin Tech disliked the side viewing angles in his review unit. He wasn’t particularly much approving of the display quality either and says the display performs it’s best for this low price segment.

Realme Smart Tv
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Do note that the Ash from C4etech mentioned the minor backlight bleeding especially from the edge sides which no other reviewer did.

The Realme Smart TV devises Chroma boost technology which we predominantly see in their Smartphone lineup. Chrome boost technology performs by boosting the punchiness of colors of pictures taken through their Realme Smartphone cameras. So, in this case, the entire Realme Smart TV display is powered by the chroma boost engine which should guarantee the same level of punchlines in colors, making the display vibrant and providing an AMOLED like effect. This, apparently, holds true as every reviewer mentioned this technology and were quite impressed with the color reproduction in the Realme Smart TV.

The Realme Smart TV does not actually display HDR content, but it is capable of decoding the HLG and HDR10 formats which has some effect on picture quality at the software level. Essentially, HDR data appears to be helping in some small way, but the screen can’t render all of that data.

Overall, I believe the display is quite decent and comes with a probably decent side viewing angles. The color reproduction is great and the colors are apparently punchier as well. In short, the Realme Smart TV performs much better for the price it is offered at.

Sound Quality

  • Comes with a quad stereo setup of Speakers.
  • Total power up to 24 W.
  • Bottom firing speaker position.
  • Two full-range speakers at two ends.
  • Two tweeters at two ends.
  • Dolby Atmos support.
-Beebom “I think the sound experience here is great. I did not notice any distortion at higher volumes and it gets pretty loud” the bass isn’t that great but decent enough especially for a budget TV”9
-C4etech ” The output through the speakers is pretty amazing” They offer higher sound volume and bass for the price segment”9
-Trakintech(Hindi) ” Sound is loud but not rich” I would say the audio is average”6
-MySmartPrice(Hindi) “very good sound quality”10
-All Others9
Average OTRS = 8.6

An Ordinary Techie Rating Score of 8.6 falls under the good category. One should note here that the rating fell down onlu because of Trakin Tech who seemed quite neutral- dissapointed with the Audio performance of his review unit of the Realme Smart TV.

Other than Trakin Tech, every other reviewer was quite impressed with the sound quality of the Realme Smart TV. In fact, most of the reviewers mentioned the sound quality of the Realme Smart TV as the most impressive part of the TV next to it’s display.

In my understanding, the Realme Smart TV can essentially get quite loud with decently rich audio quality without much Audio Distortion even at high volumes. The bass happens to be lighter and not much heavy. There is also the presence of Dolby Atmos audio support and tons of tweakable settings inside which should help you reach your desired audio requirement quite easily.

The two tweeter setup present should help increase the acoustical and voice clarity as well which adds to more richness of the sound. Many reviewers mentioned the rich nature of audio which should probably be credited to the two tweeters.

Overall, in my honest opinion, I think the audio system in the Realme Smart TV happens to be one of it’s finest talking points and Realme should take credits for the good audio system which they are giving, especially considering this price range.

Software Experience

  • Comes with Android 9 TV Pi platform.
  • Stock android TV experience with no custom UI on top.
-C4etech “the software experience here was quite fluent”8
-Beebom ” setting up the TV is pretty straight forward. You get the inclusion of essential apps and you can download from the android play store. Google’s assistant works well. Pairing up the Bluetooth remote was a little issue as the remote acted non-responsive”7
-MySmartPrice(Hindi) ” apps load quite fast except for prime videos”7
-All Others7
Average OTRS = 7.25

An Ordinary Techie Scale Rating of 7.25 screams average. Setting up the Realme Smart TV is quite straight forward.

It has come to my attention that at first, the TV remote does not come paired up with the TV and one needs to manually pair the Bluetooth TV remote. For, this one needs to mess around with the settings option of the Realme Smart TV or I believe the technician who comes to mount your TV will get the remote paired up for you.

Realme Smart Tv
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Coming to the software side, the stock android TV UI comes preloaded with basic TV utility applications like Youtube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. There is an inbuilt preinstalled Google Playstore, from where you can download all other needed applications.

Navigating through the User Interface seemed to be easy as mentioned by all the reviewers and all the apps, other than Amazon Prime videos, comes pre-cached making the application loading time extremely less and lag-free.

Geekyranjit mentioned there’s a mild 1 or 1.5-second lag/delay when using the remote to navigate the keyboard buttons sometimes, so, this needs to be kept in mind as well.

Overall, in my honest opinion, the software experience is nothing new and any usual Smart TV comes with a similar setup and the same feel to it. Realme Smart TV does not offer anything new to users. Typical android TV stuff.


  • Comes with Mediatek Quad core coretex-A53 CPU.
  • The GPU bundled with this CPU is a Mali-470 MP3 GPU.
  • Comes with 1GB RAM.
  • Comes with 8 GB ROM/storage.
-Beebom “specs aside from the TV, for me, has been performing great and in my experience, the TV has been solid. Things do seem positive as of now”9
-C4etech “The quad-core MediaTek processor in here managed to play everything we throw at it and even Ps2 games ran well on it”9
-MySmartPrice(Hindi) “performs well but 1 second delay sometimes when pressing a button” “overall good for the price”7
-Dhananjay Bhosale ” I did not feel like I’m using a fast TV and I felt like I’m using any other TV” 8
-All Others8
Average OTRS = 8.2

An Ordinary Techie Scale Rating of 8.2 falls under the above average-good category. The processor is a decent choice and runs through, getting the job done decently. There’s nothing new here as we do have options for higher storage and specs options at the same price range.

Everyday applications like Youtube, Netflix, etc perform opens and closes smoothly. Every reviewer mentioned that they faced no hangups whatsoever and this was a positive thing to notice.

Overall, in my opinion, the performance of the Realme Smart TV is good and is as expected of a smart TV, nothing new or exceptional here.

Realme Smart Tv
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  • Slim bezels with good design.
  • Great port selections.
  • Good display quality.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Good performance as expected from a smart TV.


  • Remote lags/ stutters sometimes when typing in keyboard(on-screen).
  • Bass is a little on the lower side.
  • Wall mount kit is not provided inside the box.


In my honest opinon, based on the reviews I have studied, the Realme Smart TV does seem to be a solid performer with very good display and sound quality. The performance side of this TV also seems to be faring decently well for the price.

Everything seems to be good but all these are normal standards that are to be expected from a Smart TV at this price segment. The Realme Smart TV still does not provide anything that is so exceptional that one could recommend it with eyes shut. Its competitors like the MI Smart TV is also a great option to consider, especially at this price point.

The Mi smart TV, with a addition of another Rs.3000, one could get a 4K display panel which seems to be a better to me in the price tag of under Rs.25,000. But, for the 32-inch variant of the Realme Smart TV, this variant is the best for it’s price.

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