OnePlus is an established smartphone brand currently which is known for the flagship killer phones that are released at a polished lower price. OnePlus took a step ahead and made its debut in the TV market with the OnePlus TV Q series. Unfortunately, the price premium of Rs.69,999 did not mend well for OnePlus as the Q series heavily received mixed reviews from customers and reviewers. OnePlus wants to change this by releasing the new lineup of the OnePlus U series and Y series.

The new OnePlus TV U series comes at a much lower price than the Q1 series thanks to OnePlus opting for a more cost-efficient LED-backlit LCD screen. Other than this, OnePlus seems to make statements that the experience with the new OnePlus Tv U series will be the same as the Q1 series but at a lower price tag.

Name and comments aside, how well does the new OnePlus TV fare in the current market that is highly competitive especially with other TV brands like VU. Let’s find out what the internet thinks about the new OnePlus U1.


Starts from Rs.49,999
44-Inch 4K LED panel


I understand it can get a little tricky even for a reviewer to exactly explain how they feel a particular aspect of a gadget is. Top reviewers get to have their hands on a lot of products and they’ll have to explain how they feel about a particular aspect of a product through words. I study the emotion, enthusiasm, and use of strong words by a reviewer and convert that into a number system ranging from 0 to 10 with 10 being perfect and 0 being the opposite.
OnePlus TV U1
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Specification Review

Design Language and Appearance

  • The 55 inch OnePlus TV (55U1) is said to weigh around 16.64 kg in weight without the Stand.
  • The TV stand alone weighs around 260 grams making the total weight of the TV to be 16.9 kg.
  • The body is made out of Aluminium.
  • The dimensions of the TV are 1225.5 x 51.3 x 712 mm without the stand.
  • With the stand, the dimensions come out to be 1225.5 x 199.2 x 767.6 mm.
  • The dimension of the packaging box is 1350 x 160 x 840 mm.
  • The OnePlus TV U1 is super slim. Ignoring the stand the TV is just 6.9 mm thick.
  • The backhand side of the TV has been kept minimal. The top portion of the backside is glossy black and the lower part has carbon-fiber texture.
  • The ports are nicely hidden inside a box on the backhand side of the TV.
  • There is one Ethernet port, one RF Connection Input, three 3 HDMI1 support ARC, one 3in1 AV Input(Composite) port, one Digital Audio Output port, one USB Type-2.0, and one USB Type-3.0 port.
  • A minimalistic TV remote design.

The OnePlus TV U1 reportedly looks premium and very stylish. Every reviewer who reviewed the OnePlus TV U1 clearly displayed enormous liking towards the build quality as well as the design language used in the U1. The Bezels are very slim all around the display with a slightly larger one at the bottom side so as to house the OnePlus logo.

Back side of OnePlus TV U1
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How thoughtful of Oneplus to keep all the ports covered/hidden under a plastic cover. This also eases cable management as all cables are meticulously handled by the bottom cavity in the cover where cables are meant to pass through.

Honestly, in the review of the Realme Smart TV, reviewers clearly mentioned that the design elements in the Realme TV looked standard like any other TVs out there, but in the case of the OnePlus TV U1, reviewers were delighted over the design. This should clearly indicate the premium design used by OnePlus. You cannot go wrong with the Look and feel of the OnePlus TV U1.

Display Quality

  • Comes with an Ultra HD 55″ (138.8cm) display size.
  • 95 % screen to body ratio.
  • LED-backlit LCD screen.
  • Resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.
  • Contrast ratio of 4000:1
  • Comes with the Gamma engine enabled with MEMC support.
  • It has HDR 10 + support.
  • Dolby Vision support.
  • DCI-P3 93%.
  • Supper Resolution.
  • Noise Reduction.
  • Dynamic contrast.
  • Color Space Mapping.
  • HDR compatibility with Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG support.

Lets find out what the Top reviewers think/ have to say about the Display quality of the OnePlus TV U1.

-Beebom “This is a gorgeous display” Netflix content looks amazing on this display” This 4K panel is top-notch”10
-Trakin Tech(Hindi) ” Color accuracy is good” Video quality is great” The picture quality is seriously superb”10
-C4eTech “we have bright rich colors and amazing contrast” The 4k panel here is good”9
-Mr. Phone “I think the 55-inch panel here is actually pretty impressive” Viewing angle is not that great”9
-All Others9
Average OTRS = 9.4
OnePlus TV U1 display
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An Ordinary Techie Rating Score of 9.4 places the OnePlus TV U1 in the good-excellent segment. Clearly, the display quality of the OnePlus TV U1 is a striking trump card for this TV. Every reviewer showed a good amount of amazement over how beautiful the display was. The 4K panel with the best ever Dolby Vision support makes the display very appealing to the eyes.

The OnePlus TV U1 sports a VA panel and as far these types of panels are considered, they provide the deeper blacks compared to an IPS panel. Though the display’s blacks don’t get as deep and punchy as seen in a Quantum dot LED panel as seen on the OnePlus premium Q series but get the job done nevertheless especially considering the price point.

Dolby Vision is one of the most visually enhancing features of a current trend TV and most TVs at this price generally tend to skip on it. Dolby Vision happens to be the best kind of HDR in the market. Moreover, this feature is said to be costly. Nevertheless, it is nice to see that OnePlus hasn’t skipped out on these certificates.

The OnePlus TV U1 has a wide 93 % DCI-P3 color gamut that is supposed to mean that the color accuracy here is top-notch. This TV can easily also be used as a monitor by content creators to edit photos and videos. OnePlus also seems to provide various options inside the settings to tweak and play around with. The “film mode” is apparently the best mode to keep this TV on to get the best results for an accurate yet gorgeous look on the display.

Even without a QLED panel like the OnePlus Q1, the OnePlus U1 comes with the “Global Dimming” option on a VA LED display. Though this feature is not as effective as it could get in a Q-LED display, the OnePlus TV U1 does a decent job here with it as well. Darker content gets darker and the tonal shifts get really great. This greatly enhances the content consumption experience with the OnePlus TV U1.

Coming to negatives of this beautiful display is quite possible that this panel is a highly reflective one. If the environment is well lit / bright, chances of seeing reflections are very high with this panel. There is also mention of uneven lighting especially around the edges with grey content being displayed. The main negative here could be weak side-viewing angles. As you increase the viewing angle, the contents tend to wash-out and severe loss of details can be noticed.

Overall, in my opinion, other than the viewing angle and occasional ghosting issue, the display quality and HDR quality on the OnePlus TV U1 is fantastic for the price.

Sound Quality

  • 4 Unit speakers with a total of 30 Watt output.
  • 2 full weight speakers and 2 down facing tweeters.
  • 2.0 CH Speaker Type.
  • Comes with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio support.
  • It has DTS-HD audio format support.
-Beebom ” This TV isn’t very loud” The audio quality from the speakers are really nice” The bass isn’t going to blow your mind but it’s pretty good I’d say”8
-Trakin Tech(Hindi) “Sound could have been better” It is quite loud”8
-C4etech “This setup can deliver a lot of volumes” The bass is great too” My only complain here is that at high volumes the sound cracks at times8
-Mr. Phone “But to be honest I found the base performance to be a little lacking” The sound wasn’t that refined making vocals sounding hollow”7
-All Others8
Average OTRS = 7.8

An Ordinary Techie Rating Score of 7.8 places the audio quality of the OnePlus 8 TV U1 in the average segment. Arguably, the speaker side of the OnePlus TV U1 could be the only downside of this TV.

The OnePlus Tv comes with 4 speaker setup with two full-range speakers and two bottom-firing tweeters. OnePlus claims that the two speakers are placed in such an angle that you’re supposed to get the best bass, but according to most of these reviewers, that, unfortunately, isn’t the case.

The audio felt quite average. The audio was not really that refined especially with the Vocals. Audio generally feel hollow.

Thankfully, the OnePlus TV U1 comes with Dolby Atmos’ support. This means that audio internal coding should go in well to give a rich audio output if this TV is connected with a Dolby Atmos supporting speakers or soundbars.

Overall, the Audio is not the best with the OnePlus TV U1 and for better theatre-like experience, one needs to get a better sounding external soundbar or surround sound speakers.

Software Experience

  • Comes with Android OS running on Android 9.
  • In-built Oxygen-Play, YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, Spotify, Google Play Store, Bluetooth Stereo, File Browser, Weather, OnePlus Pictorial support.
  • Comes Pre-setup with Google Assistant built-in and also Works with Alexa assistant.
  • Comes Pre-stored with Google Play Store.
  • Casting in-built support with Chromecast, Miracast and DLNA.
  • OnePlus Pictorial.
  • File Browser.
-Beebom “This TV is feature-packed when it comes to the software end” This is an OnePlus product and they are good with software side” The UI has been smooth and decently fast”9
-Trakin Tech(Hindi) “OnePlus is known for its updates” lot of new features will be coming”9
-C4etech “Though the look and feel of the UI is same as Patch 1 but the functionality isn’t quite there yet”9
-Mr.Phone “few hiccups here and there but usually smooth” There are tiny touches that make a whole world of difference”9
-All Others9
Average OTRS = 9
OnePlus TV U1 connectivity
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An Ordinary Techie Rating Score of 9 places the software experience in the OnePlus TV U1 in the good – excellent segment. OnePlus as we know, is famously known for its super well optimized yet feature-rich nature of there software integration and the same is the case with the OnePlus TV U1.

OnePlus has given thoughtful features and a great User-experience with the Software side of the company’s U1 TV. This TV comes packed with everything that you are supposed to have with a Smart TV.

The extras here that make the OnePlus TV U1 stand out are the large icon-ed File Manager application that every reviewer liked and mentioned. This TV also comes with a proprietary “Oxygen Play” feature where OnePlus has partnered with around 15 content network apps to deliver pre-setup contents. Although this requires an Oxygen Play subscription that costs extra money, OnePlus has sorted this out for non required users with Netflix and Amazon Prime features.

The other striking yet thoughtful feature setup by OnePlus could be the “OnePlus Connect App” which you can download on your Smartphone to control the OnePlus TV U1 without a remote. Smart Volume features and ability to access TV settings anywhere using the remote option is really handy and makes the user experience with the OnePlus TV U1 way more impressive and likable.

OnePlus TV U1 connect feature app
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Overall, the software end of the OnePlus TV U1 is simply great and feature-rich with lots of OnePlus styled fine-tuning that makes the experience pleasant for anybody who uses it.


  • Mediatek 5670 chipset.
  • 4 Cores ARM Cortex A-53 @ 1500 Mhz.
  • 64-Bit ARM V8-A instruction set.
  • Mali-G51 GPU.
  • 3 GB RAM.
  • 8 GB internal ROM/storage.
-Beebom “The UI has been smooth and decently fast but not crazy fast or anything”8
-C4etech ” The TV felt really fast and good, there were no lags switching between apps”9
-Mr. Phone ” the Tv was generally smooth with few hiccups here and there”8
-Digit “we did not face any lag whatsoever”10
-All Others8
Average OTRS = 8.6
OnePlus TV U1 Google assistant
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An Ordinary Techie Rating Score of 8.6 places the performance side of the TV in the Above average – good category. Honestly, this aspect of the OnePlus TV U1 is quite difficult to tell as there were mixed opinions. While some reviewers mentioned that they faced absolutely no lags or jitters while using the OnePlus TV U1, equal number of other reviewers mentioned the opposite.

The Mediatek processor that has been used here is supposed to be a good deal. Standard Smart TV processor although, definitely not the best. The 3 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM are quite decent for this price point. Do keep in mind that a TV is primarily meant to have a good display and everything else is secondary. Keeping this in mind, the performance should not be something that you must look out for especially in TVs in this price bracket.

Overall, the performance is supposed to be good enough. OnePlus TV U1 provides the standard performance that one could expect from any other TV. Considering all the mixed reviews, I cannot make a clear comment of UI lags and smoothness although it is easier to say that the overall experience should not be hindered.


  • Great display quality.
  • Premium build quality.
  • Extremely narrow bezel-less display.
  • Great color accuracy.
  • Feature packed UI with good user experience


  • Viewing angles are questionable.
  • A highly reflective panel that requires great tweaking in settings to improve.
  • Uneven edge-lighting.
  • Mild reported ghosting issues. (This is mostly fixed with MEMC turned on)
  • Average speaker output.


In my honest opinion, based on my research of the reviews from various top reviewers, I can easily say the display provided by OnePlus on the OnePlus TV U1 could easily be one of the best displays that you can get at this price point. OnePlus’ intuitive yet feature-rich software experience is a great touch nevertheless to the OnePlus TV U1. This TV also looks extremely premium and has a strong build quality as well as weighing around 16+ Kgs. Overall on the positive side, OnePlus TV U1 covers everything that a normal TV is expected to have in a highly appreciable fashion with the U1.

But, this TV has its fair share of Lows too considering the poor viewing angles and reflective panel along with an average sounding speaker. Maybe, considering the price, one can omit these negatives but in the overall, OnePlus TV U1 could be a great buy and this is a TV you should consider in the top of your list if you’re interested in TVs in this price segment.

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