Ursa Mini Pro

Check out the Blackmagic’s 12K resolution camera- The Ursa Mini Pro 12K

The new 12K camera from Blackmagic Design takes videography to a new level. Recently, Blackmagic Design unveiled the Ursa Mini Pro 12k. This is the new centrepiece of the company’s thirds generation Ursa Mini Pro series.

Price : $9,995 (Rs.7,52,000)

The Ursa Mini Pro is an 80- Megapixel 12,288 x 6,480 sensor with 14 stops of dynamic range. Moreover, it also comes with a Native ISO of 800.

The sensor can capture footage at 60 frames per second at a native 12K resolution.

It can also record 8K footage at 110 Frames per second.

It can record 4K footage at 220 frames per second.

Ursa mini pro 12K

The concept

The idea of the Blackmagic Design is to allow filmmakers to capture the smoothest possible footage that allows more flexibility when it comes to Post-production.

The camera includes features like an interchangeable lens mount and dual UHS-II SD slots. The camera can also encode footage using Blackmagic own RAW codec, which enables anyone to edit the footage using a laptop.

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